During the Balloonfest are we able to ride up in the hot air balloons?

Balloonfest is a spectator event. Public balloon rides are not available.

I am interested in being a vendor for your event.

Food vendors inquire here!
Merchant vendors inquire here!

How do I get tickets?

General admission is free. Parking is $8 at Freer Field and Ashland University Lot B on Samaritan Ave and Phillips Ave.
Balloon Glow encounter tickets are available here.

I don’t want to miss the balloons taking off this year. What time do they take flight?

Balloons fly around 7 am and 6:30 pm weather permitting, subject to delay and or cancellation.

What is the Balloon Glow?

The Balloon glow is where the balloons are upright (static) and glow against the night sky, choreographed to music.

What is the difference between the Balloon Glow and the Balloon Glow Encounter?

The balloon glow encounter gives 4 spectators an opportunity to come inside the launch field (where the balloons are standing) along with a souvenir, parking, and 4 pepsi products.